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Alcatel IP Conference Phones

Alcatel IP Conference Phones
Alcatel IP Conference Phones

Alcatel Conference Systems

Alcatel Home & Business Phones offers a wide range of innovative, high-quality communication terminals of different designs, designed to meet the needs of home and business customers.


The phones and home monitoring systems are being developed and distributed by Atlinks, Alcatel's exclusive landline telephony licensee. Alcatel terminals are distributed worldwide by telecom operators, professional networks and retailers.


The Alcatel brand owes its reputation among consumers and professional users to their commitment to provide high-performance communications solutions with optimal value for money.

The best choice for medium-sized conference rooms: high audio quality and natural conversation without interruptions or dropouts, thanks to full-duplex technology.


Detachable cordless DECT microphones

Extend and optimize the range of your conferencing system with the four mobile DECT microphones that can be placed anywhere on the table and with which each participant is perfectly understood.


A turnkey solution unique in the market for conferencing systems.

This solution gives you maximum mobility and freedom. The participants can sit down in the conference room where they want, speak with normal volume and actively participate in the conference.


Our audio conferencing solution adapts to:

- the size and configuration of the conference room (U-shaped seating arrangement, rectangular or square table) as well

- the conference types (conference with medium or larger groups)


Our system is equipped with a unique module that combines the power supply and the telephone line to minimize cabling and to optimize the installation of the telephone system.