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ClearOne IP Conference Systems

ClearOne IP Conference Systems
ClearOne IP Conference Systems

Putting the World on Speaking Terms

ClearOne is the leading global provider of audio conferencing solutions for collaboration, presentation, distance communications, and multimedia applications. The reliability, flexibility, and performance of our comprehensive solutions save organizations time and money by creating natural environments for effective and efficient personal and group communication.

In business for over 20 years, our products are used by thousands of organizations worldwide from small enterprises to the Fortune 1000, as well as domestic and international governments and educational institutions. We are committed to providing the highest quality hands-free audio for any environment—analog or VoIP—from personal conferencing on PCs and cell phones, to office desktop conferencing, to large professional conferencing venues such as boardrooms, training centers, courtrooms, and auditoriums.

ClearOne dominates the professional conferencing space with over 50% market share and is a pioneer in audio conferencing technologies. We have developed a broad portfolio of award-winning products that benefit from our innovative leadership in areas such as distributed acoustic echo cancellation, automatic microphone mixing, signal routing, equalization, automatic level control, compression, and other advanced audio processing functions.

For two consecutive years, the independent industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognized our customer-focused, market-defining product strategy by presenting ClearOne with their Product Line Strategy Award. More recently, ClearOne received Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2008 Global Market Leadership Award.