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Addasound Headsets

Addasound Headsets
Headquartered in Denmark, a country that leads the world's sound technology for a century. ADDASOUND is a global top manufacturer and provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communication devices.

The founder of ADDASOUND is a reputable Danish team with strong expertise in electro-acoustics, whose members built international reputation through developing and designing many award winning products.

Our products target users from different customer groups, such as office, education, mobile, car, medical cares, etc. We strive to cater all your needs.

Leading Technology

Advanced Noise-Cancelling-Technology guarantees high-standard sound quality and best user experience.

Simple Design

Nordic style design perfectly combines outer simplicity and inner excellence.

Delicate Details

From product to service, we look deeply into every detail to meet your every need.    

Hard work in the call centers has put forward higher requirements, as to how to ensure long time- wearing comfort, excellent noise cancelation and durability. In order to meet these requirements, ADDASOUND has developed a range of professional call center headset.

Lightweight design ensures all-day comfort, dual-microphone noise canceling functionality guarantees sound clarity in noisy environments. Durable material greatly extends the lifecycle of product, and consequently reduces the cost.

ADDASOUND's unique design, a comprehensive solution to the actual headset needs of the call centers.