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Jabra GN Danaswitch 1600-719

Jabra GN Danaswitch 1600-719

Headset/handset switching
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  • One-click switching between headset/handset
  • Compatibility with virtually all phones
  • Easy set up, sleek design

The GN DanaSwitch is a cost-effective and convenient solution that lets you switch between using your headset and telephone handset. For those occasions when you may need to use your handset instead, the GN DanaSwitch is your one-click way to alternate between headset and handset.

The GN DanaSwitch is easy to set up and works with virtually all telephones, even those with no headset port. If your telephone has no headset port, simply plug your headset into the GN DanaSwitch. The modern, discrete design means the GN DanaSwitch can be placed anywhere on your desk without causing clutter.


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