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Gigaset DECT phones

Gigaset DECT phones
Gigaset DECT Telefone

Perfect business communication

From a small branch office to any number of staff across multiple floors, Gigaset pro telephone solutions are ready for both on-premise and cloud telephony services providers. Designed for flexibility, our scalable range of systems all support HD audio quality and a complete set of professional business communication features.

Flexible Gigaset pro systems

Larger organisations across a single site or multiple locations can benefit from flexible Gigaset pro systems able to accommodate the different working practices of staff and key business roles.

Gigaset pro offers end user devices allowing employees to use any combination of IP desktop and cordless phones (IP DECT) with both 3rd party on-premise systems and cloud based telephony solutions. Cordless communication based on IP DECT ensures digital quality audio across an entire site enabling mobility even where smartphones cellular network coverage is unreliable.