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snom D720 Screen protector (crystal clear) AS-009921

snom D720 Screen protector (crystal clear) AS-009921

crystal clear screen protector
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screen protector

An increasingly important issue after purchasing a phone is the issue of protecting the device.

Although telephone systems are increasingly equipped with specially hardened display surfaces, the protection of the surface is particularly important.

Many mobile devices are no longer purchased today, but rented or leased. If, however, after the rental / lease time, damage such as scratches on the display are, a discount is immediately due.

The Neoxum screen protector offers the perfect protection for your.

With the Neoxum display protective film, the touch function for your display is preserved.

Large and well-known national and international companies from various disciplines have been using Neoxum‘s protective film for years and are completely satisfied with quality and service.



screen protector

  • Material:
  • Extremely robust polymer composite (0.13 mm thick)
  • Material thickness: 0.13 mm ? 0.01 mm - Translucency of Neoxum film:> 92% in the visible range (400 - 800 nm
  • Free of plasticisers and heavy metals (ROHS and REACH certified)
  • Schutz:
    • Sensitive telephone displays are effectively protected against mechanical damage
    • Very good chemical resistance (tested with diluted acids and alkalis with short-term contact), see also test report
    • High resistance to most fats and oils
    • Resistant to most alcohols (disinfectants)
    • Dust and grease repellent (effectively reduces fingerprints on monitor)
    • Very temperature resistant (from -40 ? to +110 ? Celsius), see also climate test report
  • liability:
    • Very high adhesion to glass, many plastics and bright metals
    • Self-adhesive and residue-free removable
    • Easy to apply to surfaces without tools
  • Additional information:
    • no cheap goods
    • industrial quality
    • no pack of 12


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