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SNOM M5 Wireless DECT Repeater

SNOM M5 Wireless DECT Repeater

Repeater for the Snom M700
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Key Features:

  • Support single- and multi-cell
  • Increase the range w/o Ethernet
  • Wideband audio
  • Up to 5 simultaneous calls
  • Daisy chaining

The snom M5 DECT Repeater is ideal for extending the range of your DECT single or multicell DECT solution in locations requiring mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings.

The repeater increases the reception range of individual bases and handsets and bridges gaps between base stations, increasing the free movement between base stations in single seamless network and allowing calls to continue uninterrupted.

The M5 repeater off ers superior audio quality in both wideband and narrowband calls.


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